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F.E. Relton: Applied Bessel Functions

Published $1946$, Blackie & Son Limited.

Subject Matter


I. The Error Function; Beta and Gamma Functions
II. Differential Equations; the Normal Form; Recurrence Formulæ; Orthogonal Functions
III. Cylinder Functions; their Recurrence Formulæ and Zeroes
IV. Bessel's Equation and the Series Solution; Lommel Integrals
V. Applications to Oscillations; Stability and Transition Curves
VI. The Second Solution for Integral Orders; further Applications to Oscillations and Heat Conduction
VII. The Modified Functions; Applications to Dynamics and Statics
VIII. Applications to Hydrodynamics and Elasticity
IX. Bessel Coefficients. Integrals and Expansions
X. Allied Functions; Solution by Integrals; Asymptotic Series
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